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Naima Shalhoub's Picks

Sights and Sounds is your weekly guide to the Bay Area arts scene through the eyes and ears of local artists. During shelter-in-place, instead of suggesting in-person events, we're offering ideas of ways to experience art and culture from home. This week, host Jenee Darden speaks with vocalist, composer, performing artist and educator Naima Shalhoub to talk about three great virtual events to enjoy this week.

SOL Affirmations: A Tool Kit for Reflection and Manifesting the Light Within
This book of uplifting affirmations was penned by Karega Bailey of the Oakland band SOL Development and his wife Felicia. They've also made an album version, and it features powerful reflections on grief and love.

We Comin by Reverend Sekou and the Holy Ghost
This fantastic band has roots in St Louis and Oakland- having met at the protest in Ferguson, they've created sound that blends blues, funk and gospel and speaks powerfully to the protests going on today as well.

DJ Nina Soul
This Oakland based DJ mixes house, hip hop, and soul, and she hosts a monthly party called Elements that folks can livestream. Check her out on Instagram, and get the party started in your living room!

Naima Shalhoub's debut album Siphr will be released on August 6. Check out her website to hear more of her music.